The North Carolina Quarter Horse Association Queen represents the association beginning with her coronation at the Tarheel Summer Classic Horse Show in Raleigh, NC, and continues until the following June when a new Queen is crowned.  The role of NCQHA Queen is highly visible and an integral part of the association’s many functions during her reign.  Duties and responsibilities include:  handing out awards, appearances at NCQHA events such as the Annual Awards Banquet, and representing NCQHA in the community; bringing the mission and message of NCQHA to equine enthusiasts at events throughout the state.

The Queen works with different divisions within NCQHA, such as the youth and amateur associations, the Districts, as well as the NCQHA horse shows.  She is present to respond to questions, interact with association members and the public, educate, and provide information about the NCQHA to various audiences.    

The NCQHA Queen may wish to represent North Carolina at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress through participation in the Queen’s Contest held in Columbus, Ohio.  Contestants from across the nation compete each October for the title of All-American Quarter Horse Congress Queen.  For some, the opportunity to serve as the Congress Queen Crown is a long held dream.  Through this experience, contestants not only have the opportunity to serve as Queen, but also cultivate a network of lifelong friends with the other participants.

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