Reserved Back Number Program

The NCAQHA Reserve Number Program is a fund-raising activity for the Amateur Association and to provide a convenient service to all members of the NCQHA. Numbers are available to reserve for a period of one year, with preference for annual renewal given to the individual that reserved the number the previous year. To be eligible for the NCAQHA Pattern Horse Annual Awards, the horse/rider combination must be registered as a participant in the NCAQHA Reserve Number Program.

Reserve numbers from the just completed year will only be held until December 31st of that year for that person to reserve the number for the new year. For example: If you pay for a reserve number for 2023, that number is yours for all of 2023 and if you pay again for that number by December 31, 2023 it will be yours for the 2024 year. All numbers not paid for by December 31st, will be available on a first come basis.

The 2024 Reserve Number Form can be found below along with the listing of the numbers reserved for the 2024 show season.

NCAQHA 2024 Reserve Number Form (online)
NCAQHA 2024 Reserve Number Form (pdf)
2024 Reserved Number Listing

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