Horseback Riding Program

Now’s the chance to be recognized for doing something you actually love to do – spending time riding and working with your horse!

The purpose of the NCQHA Horseback Riding (HBR) Program is to promote and reward NCQHA members for enjoying their American Quarter Horses, and other breeds, outside of the competitive show arena. This is not a competitive program, however, awards will be given to those who accumulate the greatest number of hours in the saddle throughout the year, along with recognition for cumulative achievement.

Divisions: There are two separate divisions: Adult (19 and over) and Youth (18 and under). Both divisions will be open for logging hours with any breed of equine.

Enrollment: In order to participate in the NCQHA HBR program, you must have an NCQHA (or NCQHYA for Youth) membership. In addition, you must pay an annual enrollment fee of $15. There is no limit to the number of horses that can be ridden per division once enrolled.

Hours: Participants are required to log the hours they spend working with their horse, as well as the location. A separate log sheet is required for each horse.

Awards: The “season” will run from January 1- October 1. After October 1, you will have until November 1 to submit completed log sheets to the HBR Coordinator. The two participants logging the most hours in each division (Adult/Youth) will receive year-end awards, similar to circuit Champion/Reserve award recipients.

In addition, “Lifetime Benchmarks” have been established. Once a rider reaches 50, 500, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 hours, they will receive a special award from NCQHA and be recognized on the NCQHA website and Facebook page. Only hours accumulated in consecutive years as an enrolled member will count towards these benchmarks. If an individual chooses not to participate in the HBR Program for a year, all past hours are lost, and they will begin again at their next enrollment with 0 hours.

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