Proposed NCQHA Constitutional Amendment

The NCQHA Board of Directors will propose an amendment to the NCQHA Constitution at the January 20, 2018 General Membership Meeting.  The proposed change is to eliminate the Board appointed position of Vice President of Finance.  If this amendment is approved by the general membership, the Board of Directors will revise the NCQHA Manual of Operations to assign any prior responsibilities of the Vice President of Finance to other appropriate parties on the Board of Directors.  Following is the language (in red type) that the BOD is proposing to remove from the Constitution:

Article VIII – Board of Directors

Section 2. The Board shall include duly elected President, elected Executive Vice President, elected Secretary, elected Treasurer, selected Vice President of Administration, selected Vice President of Show Management, the Past Presidents, the Board appointed Vice President of Finance, and the District Directors outlined below.


Article IX - Officers

Section 1.    Only bona fide residents of the State of North Carolina may hold office in the Association. The Executive Committee of the Association shall be the elected President, the elected Executive Vice President, the elected Secretary and the elected Treasurer. Also, the elected President shall select two additional officers from the membership at large to serve on the Executive Committee.  These officers will be (a) Vice President of Administration and (b) the Vice President of Show Management. The Board of Directors shall select one additional officer from the membership at large to serve on the Executive Committee. This officer shall be the Vice President of Finance. Other such officers may be authorized from time to time by the Board of Directors to serve temporarily on the Executive Committee.

Section 6. Vice President of Finance: The Vice President of Finance shall have the responsibility of financial oversight of all NCQHA activities including budgets, expenditures, and receipts with regard to horse shows and/or any NCQHA sponsored event. The Treasurer and the Vice President of Finance shall work together to be responsible to the Board of Directors for annual budgets and itemized Income Expense Reports on a monthly basis. The Vice President of Finance shall work closely with the Treasurer on all matters regarding the finances of NCQHA and establish and maintain a responsible, transparent fiscal policy for the Association. The Vice President of Finance shall appoint the Crisis Fund Committee members and shall serve as its chairperson and treasurer and report any action taken on behalf of the Crisis Fund to the Board of Directors. This office shall hold an appointed term of no less than four (4) years, to be reviewed on an annual basis. If at any time the Vice President of Finance should not meet the full criteria for this position, they may be removed by the Board of Directors.

  Click here for a full copy of the NCQHA constitution with changes highlighted.