Harriett Lynn Norris Scholarship

ESTABLISHED August 12, 1974 

The Harriet Lynn Norris Memorial Trust was established in memory of Harriet Lynn Norris.   Lynn was the daughter of Caldwell and Helen Norris of Sanford, North Carolina.  She died June 27, 1974 at the age of eighteen.  Lynn was an active member of the North Carolina Junior Quarter Horse Association and a rising sophomore at Louisburg College.  The first scholarship was awarded in 1975 and since then, over 125 scholarships have been awarded to NCQHA members. 

The Trust Fund is perpetual and all interest and dividends are used for the Scholarship Fund.  Scholarships are awarded each year to deserving person(s), who are members of the North Carolina Quarter Horse Association, for the advancement of education.   

Monies for the Memorial Trust come from donations given in memory of deceased loved ones or friends, fund raisers (such as the NCQHA Trail Ride) and others with interest in the mission of NCQHA.     

All donors, past and present, can be proud of this worthwhile scholarship opportunity; and NCQHA can be proud of being a pioneer in the field of providing scholarships to deserving youth. 

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